Article No (10)

The powers of the appointment in the vacant offices shall be as follows:

1. Functions of executive management under a resolution of the Chairman of the Executive Council based on the proposal of the Chairman of the government authority and the study and recommendation of the Executive Management Affairs Committee.

2. The positions which grades are below the executive management under a resolution of the Chairman of the government authority or his authorized representative.

Article No (11)

1. The appointment shall be made only to a vacant job approved in the general budget under a resolution of the appointment authority in accordance with the rules and regulations of the appointment conditions and comparison between candidates determined by the executive regulations.

2. It is not permissible to commence any official work in any governmental authority before the appointment resolution is issued by the competent appointment authority.

Article No (12)

With the exception of what is stated in the First Clause of Article No (5) of this law, the nationals may be appointed to work part-time within the limits of the approved budget. The executive regulations shall specify the controls, rules and conditions of work, financial allocations and other rights granted to them in a manner consistent with the their job grade.

Article No (13)

The government authority shall appoint persons with disabilities in jobs appropriate to their health conditions in the proportions estimated by the Authority, provided that an appropriate work environment is provided for them. The Executive Regulations shall specify the controls regulating thereof.

Article No (14)

The military and civilian retirees may be appointed to a civilian position in accordance with the executive regulations.

Article No (15)

A person appointed to a public office is required to:

1. Be a national of the country

2. Be of good conduct and behavior.

3. His age shall not be less than 18 years, and his age shall be proven by a birth certificate, an official extract or an identity card, with the exception of the holder of a high school diploma or its equivalent.

4. He must hold a national service card or he must one of the certificates showing his position if the candidate for the job is required to national service. The priority shall be given to those who performed national service or were exempted therefrom.

5. He must not have been previously convicted to a custodial penalty in a felony or misdemeanor breaching honor or trust, unless he has been rehabilitated in accordance with the law. The Authority may exempt nationals from this condition.

6. He must not have been dismissed from service by virtue of a final disciplinary decision or judgment unless this decision or judgment was issued prior to at least two years. The period may be reduced to one year or exempted from this condition if the competent appointment authority finds a justification thereof.

7. To prove his health fitness for the job, and the conditions of health fitness are determined by a resolution of the Authority after agreement with the relevant health authorities in accordance with health regulations and standards from the competent health authority in coordination with the Authority.

8. He must have the qualification necessary to fill the job and fulfil the requirements and conditions of the job description in accordance with the executive regulations. With the exception of Clause No (1) of this Article, non-nationals may be appointed to jobs whose grades are the executive management if there are no nationals who meet the conditions and requirements of the vacant job - whenever necessary. The Executive Regulations shall specify the controls and criteria of appointment for non-nationals.

Article No (16)

The priority of appointment shall be in accordance with the controls, rules and conditions set forth in the Executive Regulations.

Article No (17)

With the exception of those appointed by a resolution of the Chairman of the Executive Council, the appointed employee shall be subject to probation for a period of three months. This period may be extended for another similar period from the date of commencement of the work. If it is proven that he is not suitable to carry out his job duties, his service may be terminated, provided that he is given a notice period of five working days, otherwise, he will be considered that he was appointed to the job, and the probationary period shall be counted within his service period.

Article No (18)

The Authority shall issue forms for employment contracts, and the government authorities shall enter into contracts in accordance with these forms with employees upon appointment. No government agency may make any amendment to these forms without the approval of the Authority.
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