Article: (1)

In application of the provisions of this Law, the following words and terms shall have the meanings assigned against each unless the text requires otherwise:

State:  United Arab Emirates.
 Emirate: Abu Dhabi.
Government: Government of Abu Dhabi.
Executive Council:  The executive council of the Emirate.
The Human Resources Authority of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Government Authorities: 
General Departments, Authorities and Establishments, agencies, centers, funds and any other authority affiliated with the government. 
Government companies: Companies wholly owned by the government or in which it contributes of 51% or more of the capital.
Executive Regulation: The regulation issued by the Authority after the consent of the Executive Council in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Executive Department Affairs Committee:

The Committee formed by a resolution of the Chairman of the Executive Council that deals with the affairs of the Executive Management of the government..

Executive Management: 

Agents of government authorities, general managers, executive directors and the like, whatever their appointment method.


A person appointed by a resolution of the authority competent for appointment to carry out the tasks of one of the jobs mentioned in the general budget with a government entity.

National Service:

The service that must be performed for the sake of the homeland in accordance with the provisions of the applicable National Service Law.
Salary: Basic salary.
Total Salary: The basic salary in addition to the regular bonuses and allowances received by the employee.
Medical Committee: The Committee formed under a resolution of the Chairman of the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi.

Budget of the Employee:

The budget approved for the jobs and degrees determined for employees and their privileges.
Public Budget: Public budget of the Emirate.
Year: Calendar year
Month: A period of time of thirty days.
Working day: The official working day determined by the decisions implementing this law.
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