Article No (4)

The Executive Council shall, based on the proposal of the Authority, issue a resolution on the public jobs system that includes the mechanism of its analysis, evaluation, classification and organization of its grades.

Article No (5)

The job budget determines the number of jobs in each government authority, the type of each job and its financial degree. The number of employees in any degree may not exceed the number of jobs specified for that authority regardless of the tool that fills the job.

The Chairman of the government entity may make amendments to the budget of the approved annual jobs by adding, cancelling or transferring financial allocations between those jobs within the limits of the financial credits of the annual budget in accordance with the controls established in the executive regulations and in accordance with the financial system in force in the Emirate.

Article No (6)

The Executive Council approves the organizational structure of each governmental entity and the amendments made thereto according to the proposal of the chairman of the governmental entity and the recommendation of the Authority.

Article No (7)

The public positions are occupied by appointment, promotion, transfer, delegation or secondment in accordance with the controls, rules and conditions stipulated in the Executive Regulations.

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