Article No (26)

The promotion shall be under a resolution of the competent appointment Authority in the grades to which he is promoted. The promotion shall be considered valid from the date of the issuance of the resolution, and it may be returned with a retroactive effect until the date of fulfilment of the conditions of promotion is achieved in accordance with the controls, rules and conditions determined by the Executive Regulations.

 Article (27)

1. the promotion to an executive management position shall be under are solution of the Chairman of the Executive Council or his authorized representative.

2. The promotion of an employee whose grade is below the executive management shall be on a vacant position of the same type of position he occupies, and the promotion shall be to the rank immediately following his rank, and in case of competition, the priority shall be given to the most qualified employee.

3. If the vacancy is not available, the Chairman of the Government Authority may promote the occupants whose grades are below the executive management positions for financial promotions in accordance with the promotion controls.

4. The Executive Council shall according to the proposal of the Chairman of the Government Authority and the recommendation of the Authority - promote the occupants of executive management positions to obtain financial promotion in accordance with the promotion regulations.

5. The Executive Regulations shall specify the periods, controls, rules, terms and conditions of promotion.
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