Article No (8)

One or more committees called “Human Resources Committee” shall be formed in each government authority under a resolution of Chairman. The Committee consists of a chairperson and at least four members of the senior employees of that authority, provided that one of them is from the Human Resources Department. The Committee may authorize one of the Authority’s employees to be its secretary without having a countable voice when issuing its decisions.

The meeting of the Committee shall be valid when the majority of its members are present, provided that the chairman of the committee is one of them. The Committee issues its resolutions by the majority of the votes of those present, and in the event of a tie, the vote of the chairman shall prevail.

Article No (9)

The Human Resources Committee shall:

1. Practice the functions and powers granted to it under the provisions of this law and its executive regulations.

2. Consider and recommend in connection with the appointment, promotion, transfer, delegation and secondment of employees in accordance with the provisions of this law and its executive regulations.

3. Carry out any tasks related to human resources affairs assigned to it by the chairman of the government authority.

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