Article No (22)

Each employee shall submit an annual report on his behavior and performance at work in accordance with the conditions, procedures and dates specified in the executive regulations.

1. The Authority shall, in coordination with government agencies, determines the criteria and elements of efficiency reports and determine the percentages allocated to the various elements of the assessment at each government agency in proportion to the type of its jobs. The Authority shall prepare regulations showing the bases, dates and how to conduct the assessment, and include instructions on the elements that must be taken into account when conducting it, and it shall also issue specific forms for efficiency reports.

2. The Authority shall annually review the regulations and forms of efficiency reports to consider the level of its development when necessary.

3. If the employee obtains the highest or lowest assessment score, he must be causative and must specify the elements of distinction or weakness that led thereto. The Executive Regulations shall specify the classification of ratings and its expressions.

Article (23)

The employee shall be notified of the annual report after it is approved by the Chairman of the government authority or his representative. The employee may file a written appeal against this report in accordance with the rules, procedures and dates specified by the Executive Regulations.

Article (24)

1. The chairman of the government authority shall take the appropriate measures regarding the employee against whom two successive reports were submitted at the lowest assessment degree including the termination of service in accordance with the controls, rules and conditions specified by the Executive Regulations.

2. The government authority shall submit reports to the Authority on the employees who obtained two consecutive reports with the lowest assessment.

3. The executive regulations shall specify the controls related to the employee who obtains a report with the lowest evaluation degree.

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